Show the Dogs!

Show the Dogs!

“Ever look at Cassius Marcellus Coolidge’s seminal chef d’oeuvre Dogs Playing Poker and think, ‘this is okay, but wouldn’t it be nice if I could see the painting with any of 6.6 quadrillion possible card combinations?’ No? Too bad, buddy: because here it is.

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I briefly thought that I might be losing my mind because the “Dogs Playing Poker” painting that I distinctly remembered had them holding their hands. Turns out that Coolidge did several paintings on that theme, plus billiards and sundry other subjects.

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I am astonished that this wasn’t posted by cortex. Well done.

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How do I set it up for the closest thing to a Royal Straight Flush? My grandfather had this painting, or one like it, in his kitchen. Alongside his no-wildcard Royal Straight Flush signed by all the other players. I’d make a poster and give it to the other grandchildren, since both of the original artifacts have been lost in the sands of time.

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I poked around and couldn’t figure out who owns the original of “A Friend in Need”, which is slightly annoying. I assume it must still exist given the number of high quality scans of it, but it also doesn’t seem to be owned by a museum. Brown and Bigelow still exist, so maybe they still own it?

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The first trillion seeds are dull, but there are some gems in the 2nd and 43rd trillions

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The discard pile is distinctly off white, come on.

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This is the shit I come to Metafilter for

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“You’ve got a tell. Your tail wags.”

“Our tails are ALWAYS wagging, buddy.”

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If you hit “reset” and enter “1” and “show the dogs,” you get cards starting with A, 1, 2 etc of clubs. So the rest is a simple matter of engineering–I leave it to you Sticky Carpet.

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