Online poker company states Florida is the least haunted state


TAMPA, Fla. (AP) – As a previous star of Ghost Hunters International, Angela Alderman has examined paranormal sightings throughout the world. She considers her home state of Florida among the most haunted locations she has actually been.

” When I walk through parts of Florida, I have heard people walking behind me, turned around and saw no one,” Alderman, a Tampa resident, said. “Florida has some magical locations.”

So she was shocked to learn that online poker company CardsChat, which is diving into content marketing, had listed Florida as the state where somebody is least likely to see a ghost.

According to their research, the gaming odds of seeing a ghost in Florida are 1,296,000, implying a $100 wager would win nearly $1.3 million.

The state where someone is most likely to see a ghost is Illinois, with odds of 110,900

” That does not sound right,” Alderman said. “Ybor City alone must position Florida greater.”

In Fact, no Ybor ghost sightings made the list assembled of hauntings from 1972 through 2020, however Tampa Theatre and the Hernando Historical Museum did.

According to Anna Osborne, an England-based marketing executive who represents CardsChat, the data was gathered using manual web research study with keywords and combinations of keywords such as haunted, ghosts and paranormal.

” If someone stated they have actually seen a ghost more than once, or numerous individuals have actually shared the same inexplicable event over a period of time, then we kept in mind that as haunted,” Osborne said. She kept in mind that there’s no scientific proof of a haunting, so the data is subjective.

Orlando is the most haunted city in Florida, according to their research study, with 32 sightings because 1972, followed by St. Augustine with15 Tampa and St. Petersburg have each had11 Brooksville made the list with seven, Tarpon Springs added 3 to Florida’s overall and Clearwater’s tally is two.

Overall, Florida totaled 1,697 sightings, which is the 11 th most in the country.

But determining in Florida’s high population of almost 22 million as compared to Delaware’s 124 sightings and a population of 983,000, for example, is why the odds of seeing a ghost in the Sunshine State are the worst. Delaware ranks 45 th on the list.

Texas had the most sightings with 7,099, with a population of 29,472,295, putting it at No. 22 on the list.

The following are some of the Tampa Bay location spots that made Florida’s list:

Ghosts apparently like watching movies in Tampa. Britton Cinemas, Falk Theatre, Funlan Drive-In and Tampa Theatre are each cited.

Tampa Theatre “staff members have said that they sometimes hear steps and chains in deserted corridors behind the phase and have identified somebody in the forecasting room although there was no one up there at the time,” the report says.

The downtown theater promotes its paranormal history with ghost tours.

Spirits, like travelers, are apparently drawn to hotels, particularly the Don CeSar in St. Pete Beach and the Vinoy in St. Petersburg.

” The Don CeSar resort was once the personal residence of Thomas Rowe,” checks out the research study. “His ghost can be seen walking together with a lovely dark-haired lady along the coast.”

Both hotels have ghostly track records amongst the paranormal community, Alderman stated.

And the apparitions may take pleasure in discovering local history.

” Many things have actually taken place” at the Hernando Heritage Museum, according to the report, “including hearing a kid cry when no kid was around and seeing orbs and mists on digital electronic cameras.”

The museum possesses these hauntings with ghost trips.

Those structures share a common theme, said Lakeland’s Miki Strange – her genuine surname – a paranormal private investigator with Tampa Bay Spirits. “They are historic structures.”

Spirits, she stated, become connected to a structure however proceed when it is taken down.

That might explain why the odds of seeing a ghost in Florida are low.

” Florida has a history of taking down the old to make way for the brand-new,” Strange stated.

Still, like Alderman, she marvelled Ybor with its historical structures did not make the list, especially the Cuban Club, which is stated to be haunted.

” To me, that reveals the information is skewed,” Strange said.

Alderman has actually investigated the Cuban Club with a local ghost-hunting team.

She said the spirit of a boy lives in the basement cantina and “I might hear individuals walking around the second flooring and the ballroom.

” I have actually done this all over the world and can say I feel the most energy in Ybor.”

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