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Now many countries players are like playing mahjong game, and some are even fascinated about mahjong. Few days ago, I was on a business trip, arrived at a city and found the people there are like playing mahjong very much. They just play a common game, if you want win at ever game, you would better to use poker cheating device in casino.


I will introduce our new belt camera lens for you. It is a very excellent casino cheating device, once you use it, you will know its powerful function. According to your needs, you can custom a long distance camera or short distance camera. The short distance belt camera lens can scan the mahjong tiles in about 20-40cm. As you are wearing the belt camera lens to go to casino, it’s enough for you to scan the mahjong tiles. The long distance belt camera could scan the mahjong tiles in about 1.5 meters.


The effect will definitely good, you can try to use it before you make a decision. Once you come to our company, we would like to talk about more details about belt camera lens.





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