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In a formal and big casino, unlike traditional way, we can see that playing cards are dealt by a poker shoe. People do not deal and shuffle cards by hand any more. This can be said to be a big progress in the poker world. At the same time, amazing poker shoe can have another attractive function for all poker gamblers.


After we get one amazing poker shoe, we can know a whole  baccarat poker shoe system  consists of a poker shoe, two hi-tech remote controllers and a charger. The magic poker shoe has hide a HD and SD mini camera lens inside, which can make people to see the marked playing cards clearly even if they play cards in a dark poker room.


As for the remote controllers, it is quite smart and convenient for Baccarat poker players to control the poker results at their will. One of the remote controllers for the amazing poker shoe is to start the power of the poker shoe and the other one is to make the users know who will get the best hand of cards in the game by shaking.

Baccarat magic poker shoe



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